About Me

Hi! I’m Gretchen, your creative for hire.

But first, some pretty standard facts about me: I have the privilege of being an awesome mother to 3 fantabulous children; I have the joy of being married to my high school sweetheart; and I have the blessing of being a hard-working professional in the recruitment/marketing field.

I have been a nerd my entire life. I love learning, and continue to learn daily. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Studio Art. So, I bring to you the best of both worlds: the logic of a mathematician with the creativity of an artist.

After college, I was employed at a tutoring company as both an independent contractor and a company employee. While working closely with the business owner to succeed in all faucets, I was introduced to networking, payroll/billing, reconciling accounts, website editing, customer service, general business structure, and more. Most importantly, I was introduced to entrepreneurship; and I was hooked!

It was when I gave a talk on organization at my core networking group that I unknowingly inspired my next role. I was approached soon after to help set up a start-up financial company. It was to be the two partners and myself. The scope of work included setting up several internal organization structures, policies and procedures, compliance, website management, creating and managing the prospect to client workflow, data organization, internal audits, event planning, and whatever else was needed – all while learning an entirely new industry.

Bottom line, I have some unique experience in understanding business structure, organization, and marketing. I have developed great writing and creative skills. And I bring these qualities into all the work I do.

My current focus is helping your business with writing, website editing, and creative assistance. Let me help you grow your business as I continue to grow my skill sets.